Bonus Activities

Here's some more activities for you to enjoy!

Find lots of activity ideas & printable for when you would like to enjoy some non-screen activities.

What will you choose to do?

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Adventure Box Thumbnail
Animal Walk Thumbnail
Balancing Thumbnail
Balloon Tennis Thumbnail
Basket Ball Thumbnail
Colour Collect Thumbnail
Dance Painting Thumbnail
Digging Thumbnail
Dodge Ball Thumbnail
Egg Hunt Thumbnail
Flick Dance Thumbnail
Garden Soup Thumbnail
Giant Bubble Wand Thumbnail
Helium Balloons Thumbnail
Hide & Seek Challenge Thumbnail
Ice Block Chipping
Jumping For Joy Thumbnail
Make Your Own Flag Thumbnail
Make Your Own Kite Tumbnail
Monkeying Around Thumbnail
Pavement Hopscotch Thumbnail
Pot Pong Thumbnail
Puddle Fun Thumbnail
Scarves Movement Cards Thumbnail
Scavenger Hunt Thumbnail
Sheet Shake Thumbnail
Walk - Sights & Sounds Thumbnail
Skittles Thumbnail
Stepping Stone Cushions Thumbnail
Supermarket Sweep Thumbnail
Teddy Bear Challenge
Tickle Monster Thumbnail
Traffic Light Game Thumbnail
Tug Of War Thumbnail
Under & Over Challenge Thumbnail
Wacky Races Thumbnail
Walk - Photo Challenge Thumbnail
Wiggle & Freeze Thumbnail
Worm Wriggle Thumbnail
Zoo Movement Cards Thumbnail
Zooming To The Moon Thumbnail