Bop Tots At Home

Welcome to Bop Tots at home!

Choose from one of the sessions below & get bopping with a selection of songs for your little ones to enjoy a Mini Bop Tots Class or you can choose individual songs to play if they have a favourite.

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Don’t worry if you haven’t got your own instruments & props as it is quite simple to make your own from items around the house – pop over to the Make Your Own section to find out more.


You can buy your own via my Bop Tots Shop.

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Individual Songs

African Village Music Song Thumbnail
Bean Bag Time Thumbnail
Dance The Busy Bee Thumbnail
Dingle Dangle Scarecrow Song Thumbnail
Dizzy Dancing Thumbnail
Down In The Jungle Song Thumbnail
Elephants Have Wrinkles Thumbnail
Five Speckled Frogs Song Thumbnail
Flick Dance Thumbnail
Follow Da Leader Thumbnail
Fur Elise Thumbnail
Grand Old Duke of York Song Thumbnail
Hokey Cokey Thumbnail
Hop Little Bunnies Song Thumbnail
Horsey Horsey Thumbnail
I Hear Thunder Thumbnail
Jump & Shout Song Thumbnail
Let's Go Fly A Kite Thumbnail
Let's Twist Thumbnail
Rattlesnake Band Thumbnail
Reach Thumbnail
Row Row Row Song Thumbnail
Shake Your Sillies Out Thumbnail
Shaker Song Thumbnail
Stretch & Grow Thumbail
Teddy Says Thumbnail
The Bear Goes Over The Mountain Song Thumbnail
This Way That Way Song Thumbnail
Twinkle Twinkle Thumbnail
Under The Sea Thumbnail
Wheels On The Bus Song Thumbnail
Who's At The Zoo Thumbnail
Wiggle & Stretch Thumbnail